Dom Perignon 2008 (Tasting Notes, Price, Easiest Way To Buy)

Dom Perignon only produces vintage Champagnes. Every vintage Champagne is an original expression of the character of the year.

The 2008 vintage of the luxury Champagne house is legendary, with a score of critics over two times higher than that of the awe-inspiring 1988. The 2008 vintage also marked the beginning of a new era for Dom Perignon as Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy stepped down and Vincent Chaperon took over.

What makes this vintage extraordinary? How do you obtain an ounce of this unique cuvee to fill your cellar?

The article below will help you learn all you need to know about this year’s Dom Perignon vintage, from the harvest to the creators and the characteristics and taste that the wine has. We’ll also review other excellent vintages of this Champagne House.

Why Is The Dom Perignon 2008 Special?

The 2008 Dom Perignon was the first time the Champagne house released a vintage out of sequence. The reason is that the winemakers felt it needed more time to develop.

The widely-acclaimed edition was made available as an exclusive Legacy Edition in 2018, including two Chef de Caves and Chef. This distinctive packaging and label signified the closing of a period when Vincent Chaperon took over from Richard Geoffroy as Chef de Cave.

The wine comprises 50 percent Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay grape varietals. It is a fine wine with precision as well as a piercing length. The knife-edge balance.

This classic wine will continue to age gracefully for the years to come. In a cellar, as it ages, it will take on more refined notes.

Dom Perignon 2008: The Mark Of A New Era

Richard Geoffrey was behind the imaginative ideas at Dom Perignon for more than 28 years. He helped shape his vision for the Dom Perignon project in his style and was the primary driver behind every vintage’s success.

Chaperone was a part of Geoffrey for 13 years with Geoffrey. At that time, he was a part of the harvests of 13 and declared four vintages.

This 2008 Dom Perignon vintage was ideal for Geoffrey to finish his Chef de Cave tenure and for Chaperon to start his own.

The Miracle Harvest of 2008

2008 was a gloomy year with grey, overcast skies. When the harvest began, the weather conditions were perfect, with blue skies and north-easterly winds. The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes and other varietals ripened better than anyone hoped, and the vines were in excellent condition.

This led to grapes that have bracing acidity and aromatic pureness that nobody would have anticipated from the grapes.

Let’s look at the fantastic qualities of this magnificent Dominant Perignon vintage.

Taste And Profile Of Dom Perignon 2008

The nose has a stunning opening bouquet that is complex and luminous. It has notes of white flowers, stone fruit, and delicate citrus fruit. The overall aroma is enhanced by the freshness of the crushed mint and aniseed and displays wood, spice, and toasty notes.

In the mouth, there’s a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. It’s a slim, minimalistic wine with an unmistakable, toned, athletic style.

The freshness and flavor of Anjou citrus and pear are prominent, and the vintage’s signature acidity is well-integrated. Also, there are some notes of candied ginger, fresh oyster shell, pastry, and the 2008’s enthusiasm.

The smokey mineral builds momentum, which leads to a lasting conclusion.

In terms of food pairings when it comes to food pairing, the 2008 Dom Perignon has a combination of warmth and freshness. Hot foods boosted the 2008’s enthusiasm as well as enlarged the wine.

Why Dom Perignon In A Sought-After Investment

Dom Perignon is a coveted luxury brand, and just a whisper of the 2008 Dom Perignon vintage name is enough to excite wine collectors.

If you can locate a bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon at an attractive price and it is in good condition, you’ll enjoy an aging and profitable wine, a risk-free investment.

A glance at the price trends shows a rise of 26 percent in price from $168 up to $213 in less than one year (Feb 2020 – February 2021.) A container filled with Dom Perignon 2008 was released in January 2019 at $1600 and increased by 16 percent ($1820) within a single day due to the curiosity of investors in wine.

It’s a great option to hold off on waiting for prices to rise if Dom Perignon 2008 becomes scarce. Dom Perignon’s 2008 vintage dwindles on the market.

Wine Critic Appreciation of Dom Perignon 2008

Wine critics such as Janis Robinson and Decanter magazine have praised the aroma purity and astonishing quality of 2008 Dom Perignon.

Let’s take a look at what these critics have to say about this wine:

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate felt this famous cuvée was the best release since the vintage of 1996. It scored it with 96 points. They said: “The 2008 Dom Perignon wafts from the glass with an incipiently complex bouquet of Meyer lemon, anjou pear, green apple, dried white flowers, fresh pastry, and oyster shell … Tasted three times, with consistent results.”

Reviewers of Wine Spectator fell in love with the bright acidity, creamy mousse, and variety of flavors, including toasted brioche, candy ginger, pastry cream, and poached plum.

Antonio Galloni from Vinous enjoyed the lemon peel notes, mint, and white flowers. He gave Dom Perignon 2008 with Dom Perignon 2008 an astounding score of 98+ in 2018.

He added, “2008 is going to require a few months before being at its peak … 2008. It’s a champagne that has three dimensions. Drink 2020-2058 .”

James Suckling, who enjoyed the fantastic freshness and aromas of sweet spices, stone fruit, delicate citrus fruits, and light citrus fruit, also got this vintage Champagne with 98 points in 2018 and was declared “The best Dom since 2002. An extremely restrained, strong style that was not released regularly following the 2009 vintage. This is a standout. Drink now or keep .”

Jeb Dunnuck awarded this dazzling cuvée an impressive 1998 and also dubbed”2008 Dom Perignon” ” a legendary Dom that surpasses all the great vintages.”

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