Dom Perignon Rose (Winemaking, Best Vintages, Prices 2023)

A rare Dom Perignon Rose that is only produced during the peak vintages and is available in small quantities. It is among the most exquisite Roses in the entire world of Champagne, and it has been a favorite for a long time with pop stars and wine lovers worldwide.

What gives this pink bubbly its high status? How do you make it?

Let’s discover everything you must know about this Rose with the most awe-inspiring Dom Perignon Rose bottles you can purchase and the most efficient method to invest in these bottles in 2023!!

What is Dom Perignon Rose?

Dom Perignon Rose is an elegant pink Champagne made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

As with most Dom Perignon Champagnes, this Rose is made through Moet & Chandon (a part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy conglomerate) within the Champagne appellation in France.

Champagne is named in honor of the monk legend Dom Perignon, who lived in the Champagne region of France during the 17th century.

Incredibly, the Roses are higher priced than different Dom Perignon wines, given their rareness and production in smaller quantities!

A Quick Intro to the Legendary Dom Perignon Brand

Let’s see why the monk’s name is so famous in Champagne and other interesting facts about the Dom Perignon brand!

A Brief History of Dom Perignon

The belief was that Dom Perignon was the first to figure out ways to create his sparkling wine.

He could bottle his wine after the fermentation process was stopped due to extremely low temperatures. As temperatures increased, there was a second fermentation within the bottle, which led to the formation of champagne bubbles (the Champagne method.)

However, it was discovered in the years following that the Champagne method was found thirty years earlier through one of the English researchers, Christopher Merrett.

Dom Perignon may not have invented Champagne; however, he was the source of numerous firsts!

For instance, he introduced the use of corks and more robust glasses for bottling Champagne. This significantly increased the lifespan of Champagne bottles as they frequently explode under the pressure released by the gas contained in the bottle.

This first bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne was produced in 1921 before being released for sale in 1936. Soon after the Champagne’s launch, Moet & Chandon acquired the Dom Perignon brand name.

It was the first Dom Perignon Rose that was officially made in 1959 but did not enter the market. Most of the bottles produced were donated directly to the Shah of Iran to be served during his celebration, marking the 500th anniversary of the Persian Empire in 1971!

Richard Geoffroy was the Dom Perignon’s chief winemaker (chef de cave) for 28 years, and in the year 2019, Vincent Chaperon took over the honorific title.

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Dom Perignon’s Commitment to Vintages

Most Champagnes are produced as non-vintage, blending grapes from different years.

But, Dom Perignon and Dom Perignon Rose are produced using grapes from a single year, which makes these champagnes vintage. When the weather is terrible, and there are low yields, Dom Perignon winemakers don’t make Champagnes, and they don’t compromise on the quality of this famous bubbly!

The Rose version was only made during 26 specific years between 1959 to 2006.

How is Dom Perignon Rose Made?

The Dom Perignon Rose winemaking process ensures that every bottle of this Champagne lives up to the brand.

Here are the most important steps:

Harvesting Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are picked earlier to attain the highest acidity levels. They are carefully selected by hand.

Fermentation The primary process of fermentation for the cuvee occurs inside stainless steel tanks, while the second fermentation happens inside the bottle.

The assemblage technique Method of assemblage: Dom Perignon Rose is produced by making vinification of wines made from red grapes separately and then adding it to sparkling wine before the second fermentation. That’s why the Champagne has its gorgeous pink hue.

Altering: Dom Perignon Rose will age for at least seven years before release, but the bottles can last for decades and potentially if stored correctly.

The Best Dom Perignon Rose Wines to Buy in 2023

Dom Perignon Rose has had numerous special releases and limited editions adorned by famous artists.

The following are among the famous ones:

Dom Perignon Rose Gold 1996

This unique Dom Perignon Rose Gold Champagne marks an exceptional vintage. Only 35 gold-plated bottles have ever been produced.

Rose Champagne has a velvety structure and honey aromas that are crystallized and refined fluidity. The palate offers stunning roasted fig, red berries, and candied orange flavor.

Dom Perignon Rose Creator Edition Jeff Koon with Balloon Venus 2003

The memorable vintage of 2003, with its freezing winter and the hottest summer in more than half a century, resulted in an unusually early harvest.

Yet this Dom Perignon Rose is pure elegance in a bottle that comes in a distinctive Balloon Venus box created by Jeff Koon, the artist. Jeff Koon.

The Champagne features a distinctive chalky phenolic structure that perfectly balances the vibrant bouquet of bitter citrus, dried flowers, and a subtle touch of smokey mineral.

Dom Perignon Oenotheque Rose 1985

Here’s another excellent vintage Rose that impresses with its appealing brininess and rich fruit aromas.

The Champagne is delicate with a hint of pink grapefruit granita, slowly transforming into wonderful fresh fruit flavors, with a fantastic freshness that has held exceptionally well throughout the years.

Dom Perignon P2 Plenitude Brut Rose 1996

This Brut Rose Champagne is a P2 vintage, which means it was aged for at least 20 years before its release.

The Champagne is creamy with strawberry and cherry notes, smoky mineral and lemon thyme notes, and hint of toasty spices.

You can immediately take a bottle of this Brut Rose or keep it in the fridge for at least 6-7 years.

Dom Perignon Rose by Marc Newson 1998

This unique Rose Champagne is not as widely known and is rare, even at auctions. Its delightful fizziness is accompanied by bright acidity and a fabulous red berries taste.

This Rose vintage is distinguished by its striking dark spices and grapefruit aromas. There are also delicate flavors of vegetables.

Dom Perignon Rose 1959

This iconic vintage marks the birth of Dom Perignon Rose. This vintage Champagne has weathered through the decades and developed deep and rich red fruit flavors complemented by orange and honey aromas with spice.

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