Which Is The Best eCommerce Web Design Company?

Clutch Global Award has ranked us among the top product designers in the world. Clutch is a trusted field guide for B2B agents, so we gathered each eCommerce web design company that had higher ratings in their database. We reviewed their portfolios, and created our top-rated list of eCommerce web design companies to work with.

We wanted to create a diverse collection of agencies when compiling our list. You’ll find both small website design company and large-scale companies. Agencies that specialize in eCommerce platforms and full-stack eCommerce design firms. There are options for the budget-conscious as well as partners for those who can afford it.

We hope you will find the right company for your eCommerce web design needs. If you have any questions about our list or need to clarify the various services that a design agency offers, please get in touch and share your questions. Our business development team will then get back to all of you.

UX Studio

A global award-winning agency with extensive expertise including user-centric web design.

UX Studio is a digital product design company based in central Europe. Our international team of UX designers, UX researchers and UX specialists works with businesses all around the globe from our Budapest headquarters.

Since 2013, our agency was established. We have grown to a team that includes forty designers and researchers who are driven to improve the digital world and create products that people love to use. We are honored to be listed among the top B2B service providers according to the Clutch Global award as well as to be a Zeplin Agency member.

Our team has extensive experience in eCommerce website design, both from scratch and with UX research for eCommerce platforms. This gives us a unique skill set that allows us to work with our partners. We are a global web agency and can collaborate remotely with partners all around the globe. Contact us if you’re looking for a multi-disciplinary expert team to help build your product.

Our most prized collaboration was the creation of an eCommerce website for a fashion retailer. Our UX team consisted of two UX specialists who worked closely with the creative directors, head fashion and digital project managers of our clients.

The collaboration provided valuable industry insight and helped the UX studio team to identify the best eCommerce website design practices. We also learned more about integrated email automation.

Screenshots of the eCommerce web design we did for Societe
During one of our long-term partnerships with an eCommerce company, we saw the importance of UX professionals being involved in eCommerce design. The project’s UX researcher is an expert in topics like shopping cart abandonment, and how to improve customer experience.

We are proud to work with any company, regardless of size. We were especially happy to have the opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious clients in the world, including Google and HBO, Netflix, and United Nations World Food Programme.

Do you want to find the right team for your project? Contact to talk about your product design challenges and how we can assist you.


Brand communication through custom web design by eCommerce web developers.

Mobikasa, a web development and web design firm with a focus eCommerce, was founded in 2010. They have offices in Los Angeles and New York. Over 150 professionals have served over 1000 satisfied customers since the inception of the company.

Mobikasa’s UX and visual designers ensure that their clients get the best possible solution. They are also experts in eCommerce website design and can create innovative solutions to engage their target audience.

Combining UX and eCommerce design expertise is a huge asset when designing apps for mobile, tablet, and web that generate more traffic and profit. The team’s outstanding engineers and developers bring the designs to life, so clients can get started using their new product as soon the possible.

Mobikasa partners mostly with small- to medium-sized businesses, but they also have a few large enterprises as clients. Clutch states that their prices start at $25 per hour and the minimum project size is $10,000.


A eCommerce web designing company that has over 20 years of experience helping clients succeed.

Absolute Web, an eCommerce web design agency, has offices in Miami and Los Angeles. They have more than twenty years of digital design experience and are familiar with all of the latest trends in eCommerce website design.

This expert team includes digital strategists, UI/UX designers, project managers and developers. Trend forecasters are also part of the group. Their mission is to provide engaging experiences for users and increase online conversions for clients.

They design websites that are easy to use so clients can get the best eCommerce solutions. In-house front-end, back-end, and developers have extensive experience working with eCommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify to create the design.

According to their Clutch profile Absolute Web partners mainly with small- and mid-sized businesses, with 10% of their clients being enterprises. They recommend that companies budget at least $10,000 for a project and start from $100 per hour if they are interested in working with them.


A web design company that aims to make eCommerce a better place by creating amazing customer experiences.

Founded in 2013 by Tom Collver and Kyle Dutka, pb+j is an eCommerce web design firm based in Toronto. This team is unique and fun and has expertise in digital strategy, website design and eCommerce, as well as creating brand identity.

The pb+j team works with small and medium-sized businesses to bring new ideas to life, or to reinvent an existing idea.

When creating solutions, they follow a three-step process. First, they research the market and then create a strategy. Next, they conduct user research or growth roadmapping. Next, they design the product keeping in mind the brand guidelines. The team then develops the product so that their patrons — or patrons as they refer to them — have an easy-to use website and increase customer acquisition.

The team has years of experience as designers and entrepreneurs. They also launched their own eCommerce company. They gained more insight and were able to determine the best way to design and build a profitable eCommerce website.

Based on Clutch information, businesses looking to partner with Pb+J should budget for a minimum project of $25,000 and an hourly rate starting at $150.


A business that builds businesses with a single goal: growth.

Roswell, an eCommerce web design firm based in New York, is known as Roswell. The team quickly recognized the importance Shopify had on the eCommerce industry and decided to focus on it after the 2011 launch. They were one of the first Shopify Plus Partners and their strong relationship with the eCommerce platform continues.

This team of 33 professionals not only builds eCommerce websites, but also takes a holistic approach in creating an online identity. The strategy includes three phases: Design and creativity, eCommerce development, growth and marketing.

They focus on UX/UI at the initial stage with a design team that includes a variety of professionals to ensure clients get the best possible result. Specialist eCommerce designers, brand strategists, and art directors work on usable design concepts, while content creators ensure they are informative and inspiring.

Roswell’s top-notch engineers turn the designs into products. They can also create loyalty programs or email marketing platforms.

The third step is to ensure that the eCommerce website design is easily found by customers and performs as expected. They offer digital marketing services, customer acquisition, customer retention, analytics and conversion rate optimization to help achieve these goals.

According to their Clutch profile their partners are mostly startups or mid-sized businesses who are willing to pay an hourly rate starting at $150 and a minimum project size not exceeding $10,000.


A eCommerce website design company turning thoughts into products people love and use.

Neuralab, a design agency was founded in Zagreb in Croatia in 2008. They also have an office located in New York, and collaborate with clients all over the globe. They are experts in all aspects of web and mobile applications, including eCommerce platforms.

Our in-house specialists can handle all kinds of projects, starting with the initial sketches and ending up with the final product. UX and UI designers stay on top of the latest trends while developers use the most recent technologies to ensure their clients get a flawless product.

When working on products, they follow a six-step process. They begin by discussing the initial idea with their project managers as well as their clients’ teams. The main creative step is the iterative design process and copywriting, which are based on feedback. The professional developers then bring the product to life.

The second part of the cycle begins: After the product launches, the team monitors the performance and provides optional 24/7 support to resolve any issues. They collect data, comments and feedback in order to improve the cycle.

Clutch reports that Neuralab’s client base includes enterprises and mid-sized businesses. Prices start at $100 per hour and the minimum project size is $10,000.


Magneto website design company which offers eCommerce solutions and engaging shopping experiences.

Staylime is a Magneto agency that specializes in the design and development eCommerce websites and Magneto applications. The company was established in 2011, with headquarters in Redwood City in California.

They offer Magento consulting and development services, including theme and extension development, migration, integration, and maintenance and support.

They also offer technical services but are also experts in UX/UI design. They follow the same design process as design agencies. They always keep Magneto, the final platform in mind. Their clients get a website design that is unique from the rest.

Staylime offers eCommerce design and development services for companies of all sizes. They offer services of different scales. The company can create an online store from scratch, or tweak an existing site or application. All with the aim of improving conversion rates and creating engaging online stores.

Staylime is looking for companies that can budget at least $5,000 and hourly rates starting at $50.


We are a Magento Solution Partner that is familiar with all major eCommerce platforms.

Emizentech began its journey in Jaipur in India in 2013. The company started out as a development agency. Today, it employs over 200 people with many specializations. They are a strong addition to our list of eCommerce web design companies because one of their primary roles is helping online shops grow.

They are Magento Solution Partners and offer a variety of services to the eCommerce platform. They are specialists in Magneto web and front-end development, data migrating, performance optimization, and data migration. However, they can help you create responsive themes and multilingual online shops.

The Emizentech team has a deep understanding of Magneto. They are available to work with you to create online shops for the most popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Salesforce and Opencart.

The team partners primarily with startups and mid-sized businesses with a few enterprises. Clutch shows that their rates start at $25 per hour and that a minimum project cost of 5,000 is required.


A eCommerce website design company whose mission is to make the digital world more friendly.

Codal, a Chicago-based digital agency was founded in 2009. The Codal team specializes in UX/UI design, web, mobile development and eCommerce solutions. It was founded with the aim of standing out among other agencies by offering transparent, efficient solutions that meet the needs of users.

This team is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds. They bring a unique skill set and expertise to the company. They ensure that eCommerce solutions are tailored to the unique markets of their clients and their mission statements.

Codal’s eCommerce specialists have extensive experience in designing for BigCommerce and Shopify Plus. Data analysts and website designers collaborate to find the best solutions for their partners to reach their business goals.

After the user experience design has been completed, UI specialists polish the product. They consider everything, from the impact of typography and color theory, to create a perfect design that can be used by in-house programmers.

Codal offers eCommerce solutions primarily to large corporations, although they also have a portfolio of small and mid-sized businesses. According to their Clutch profile companies looking to partner with Codal should expect to pay an hourly rate starting at $150 and a minimum project size not exceeding $75,000.

Designed by Blank

Helping brands to strategize and create digital experiences is the eCommerce web design team.

Built by Blank, an eCommerce web design firm based in Los Angeles, was founded in 2009. This digital product agency provides full-service development for some of the most trusted eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce.

The team has a dedicated UX focus and includes eCommerce website designers. They use a lean UX approach, and ensure that their marketing specialists are familiar with UX processes. They can then implement a user-centered strategy from the very beginning to the very end.

Build by Blank works mostly with small- to medium-sized businesses, with only a few enterprises. Their experience includes working with clients in various industries such as fashion, real estate and financial services. No matter the size of the company or the industry, the ultimate goal should be to increase revenue and user acquisition.

Based on Clutch information, businesses looking to partner with Built by Blank need to budget for a minimum project of $5,000 and an hourly rate starting at $25.

What is eCommerce website design?

An eCommerce website allows users to sell products and services online. An online store is essential for any business, as the world has gone online. Ecommerce website design is not only about the presentation and layout of these online shops, but also the process of creating them.

What makes an eCommerce website?

A good eCommerce website design should be both visually appealing and simple to use.

It is crucial to have visual appeal. Customer retention is almost impossible without a sophisticated and unique eCommerce website design. However, without the right user experience, even a well-designed custom eCommerce website is not going to be very useful.

It isn’t as simple as it sounds. An eCommerce website designer must follow a complex process to build a platform that helps businesses achieve their goals.

How to create an eCommerce website starting from scratch?

The short answer is: The short answer is:

You can find countless tips and tricks, best practices, and guidelines all over the Internet. However, only those who have a solid understanding of UX design and research can navigate this complex process.

We’re happy to assist you in this endeavor! Contact us to schedule an online consultation. We will help you find the best solution to achieve your goals, develop a plan, and get started on a successful collaboration.

What does an eCommerce website cost?

There is no one-size-fits all solution for custom design services. Prices can vary from one agency to the next, but there are other factors that can affect the cost.

The minimum project size in our list is between $5,000 and $75,000. It is important to note that a minimum project could be either a quick audit or a design fix. The minimum project does not always refer to the entire process of creating and maintaining an eCommerce website. Here are some factors to be aware of:


If the agency is willing to do that, you can choose between an entirely custom eCommerce website or one that uses a template. The difference in the cost of these solutions can be huge due to the time and effort required to implement them.


Budget for your project should be adjusted to reflect the complexity and uniqueness of the functionality. Due to the many iterations and complex design processes, a longer project timeline is possible. It also impacts the complexity of developing your eCommerce website.

Company Selection

The price you pay for a service may not reflect the quality of the services that you receive. If you are looking for a company that offers more value, you’ll need to spend more. An agency that is reputable and associated with the largest companies will be more expensive than one with a similar team from a smaller agency.

You don’t have to limit your options based on where you live. Outsourcing the task overseas can reduce costs but not compromise the quality of the work.

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