As Reddit’s slogan goes, “This is the front page of the Internet,” and in many ways, it is. You need to be aware of a few tricks to help you better navigate this complex and often caustic environment.
Everyone, from novice to expert, can benefit from these tips and tricks described in this article. If you need more help – some more Reddit tips can be found on Upvote.Shop.

1. Subreddits have been created for that

When it comes to Reddit, you’ve probably noticed the site has a “front page” of the most popular content and a smorgasbord of curated pages, known as “subreddits,” to organize user submissions. Check out the “defaults” at the top of your home page to see what’s popular or use the search bar to look for something specific.
You can find a subreddit for just about anything on Reddit. Sifting through a few random Reddit subreddits can also turn up some interesting things you had no idea you were interested in (hit the “random” button on the top of the homepage).

2. Subscribe to the subreddits you enjoy the most

Once you’ve discovered some subreddits that you’d like to read frequently, you can customize your homepage to reflect that. Make sure nothing slips through the cracks by subscribing to the subreddits you care about (each page has a huge “subscribe” button). You have complete control over how your account is set up, so you can easily get to the things on the Internet that you enjoy the most.

3. Sort the content in such a way that the “best” items appear first

Selecting the “top” tab and tapping links from “all time” will take you to the “hall of fame” posts on a subreddit you’ve found interesting. Sir, you’re about to see the best of the best. In addition, you can look at the best of today, last month, or last year. The “Hottest” and “Most Controversial” tabs are two more subreddit sorting options. In high school, they were also my two nicknames. Weird.

4. There is a workaround if your employer blocks Reddit

There aren’t many workplaces where Reddit usage is even permitted, let alone encouraged. The scumbags in charge at corporate have been known to completely shut down the site. Just go to to get around these blatantly illegal restrictions. If my sources can be trusted (which they are), this should work on most web blockers.

5. Search engine optimization

When searching Reddit, it can feel like you’re trawling a needle-in-a-haystack for something specific. Many low-lift options exist for sorting your searches. Find the “advanced search” guide, which has several prefaces you can use to fine-tune your queries and find what you’re looking for more quickly.

6. Shortcuts are a great way to save time

Just type in the subreddit you’re looking for, followed by “,” and you’ll be there in the quickest possible time. can be accessed quickly via this method. When you need a GIF and you need it now, this is a great tool.

7. New best thing: Multiredditing

You can use the built-in system of multiredditing to combine several of your favorite subreddits into a single stew of interesting content.

8. Reddit etiquette should be learned

As a new user, you must adhere to the site’s established rules, guidelines, and preferred methods if you want to participate in the community and start posting. People will burn you alive if you don’t. User Raerth’s post on how to post is a comprehensive and widely accepted guide to the process. If you care about your online reputation, this is a must-read.

9. The Enhancement Suite should be installed

There is no better way to get the most out of Reddit than by installing the Enhancement Suite. With the “night” mode, you can avoid the insomnia-inducing white computer light and switch between different user names seamlessly. Highlights include an endlessly scrollable homepage (infinite cat GIFs!). You’ll never want to go back to not enhancing. It’s only out of gratitude for how far you’ve come. It’s like paying a visit to an old flame or catching the first episode of Batman.

10. It’s time to simplify your perspective

If you want a more stripped-down view of the Reddit community, simply append “.compress” to any URL to create a compressed version of the page. This is a good option if you don’t like the clutter of flair, oversized images, and other digital detritus, or if you’re on a mobile device.

11. Make it easier for people to leave comments

A Reddit post’s comments can be just as entertaining as the post itself, and sometimes you just want a chronologically sorted stream of Reddit comments to keep you entertained. You can accomplish this by including the “-stream” prefix in your URL. You can use it to cover big-time celebrity AMAs or other live events.

12. Make use of your mobile device

There are a few things you can do to make Reddit work better on your phone. Firstly, you have the iOS app for Alien Blue (only for Apple users, of course). Initially, reviewers complain that the system has a steep learning curve, but after a while, they begin to appreciate the system’s streamlined approach. Head to to test out Reddit’s new mobile site (no downloads required). Despite the fact that it’s still in Beta, I prefer it to Reddit’s standard mobile experience, which can be viewed by visiting

13. Make new friends by following people you find interesting

Sometimes, you’ll want to keep tabs on a specific Reddit user so you can see what they’re up to and never miss a post from your digital buddy. The friendly green button in the upper-right corner of their page is all you need to get in touch with them.