Ideas for Creative Photos on Instagram

19 Creative Instagram Photo Ideas
Bloggers’ Instagrams have a few things that work, and brands are paying attention. We have 19 ideas for Instagram photos that will inspire you. You can choose from simple to more trendy photos.

1. Keep Creative

There are thousands of photos being uploaded each day. You need to be creative to make your mark. Don’t fall for clichés, and instead try to find interesting angles on familiar subjects. This will make your brand more memorable.

2. Add more positive emotions

Photos that have people in them get 38% more likes, 32% more comments and 38% more likes than photos without. A smile will make your photo more attractive to the masses. Your account will get more engagement if it features happy faces (remember our tips about lighting, composition, and so on). You can find out more at

3. Take Pictures of Animals

Instagram is a place where pets are loved by everyone. They can also help increase your account’s visibility, regardless of industry. Brands that make it feel human are more appealing to consumers than brands that have corporate branding. To add a personal touch, animals are the perfect addition.

4. Objects

Experimenting with different objects is another way to make your pictures stand out. Props are used to create character and interest in photos or add context to scenes. Fun add-ons can be used to enhance your subject depending on the message you are trying to convey.

5. Humor is a great addition

It turns out that Instagram is the perfect social network to share some humor. A funny post is a great way to have a break from a perfectly edited photo. It’s a great way to make your Instagram account more human and to be more relatable to your followers.

6. The Top-Down Foodie Flatlay is a must!

You can create a backdrop using wooden tables or marble slabs. Then arrange the objects to maximize natural light. To make your photo stand out, add different textures to everyday objects like napkins and accessories. Take a look at our tips for perfect composition.

7. For strong colors and shapes, look for

Bright colors and clearly defined lines are great ways to spice up your feed. These elements draw viewers in to the image when they scroll through the endless feed. You have the option to choose fun backgrounds or bold colors for your subject.

8. Capture Action in Burst Mode

Burst mode is a great way to capture moving subjects in the best possible position. To manually adjust the exposure and focus, tap the screen. Next, choose the image that best captures the moment from a multi-shot sequence. This is particularly useful when photographing children and animals.

9. Make use of captivating backgrounds

Sometimes, you just want to show off everything around you. Focusing on one subject is a great strategy. However, a feature wall, architecture or natural backdrop can add more life to your photo. It should not be difficult to create a great-looking photograph with a stunning backdrop.

10. Geometry is a great tool!

Human perception is very good at understanding basic geometrical elements and shapes. Our brains are drawn to the captivating qualities of lines, squares and circles. This can be used as inspiration to create some stunning shots.

11. Patterns

Similar to our eyes, patterns are appealing to our minds. It is easy to make something mundane look extraordinary by framing it in a way that highlights the pattern. You can find many mesmerizing patterns in architecture, design and nature.

12. Use a shallow depth of field

A shallow depth of field is a great way to highlight a subject. This can be particularly useful for brands who have a particular product to promote. It’s easy: simply tap and hold the display to focus. You can also use the portrait mode on your phone to blur the background.

13. You can add more space and white background

The so-called whitespace is a way to give your eyes a rest and keep your image from looking too cluttered. This gives you breathing space that is also graded on your grid. Concrete, brick, and plastered walls are some of the most popular examples.

14. Photograph from different angles

You don’t have to take photos at eye level. It’s often not the best angle. You can shoot from either above or below the ground, or something totally different. It will be challenging to find a new and more interesting look in any of these situations.

15. Keep it simple.

There are three basic color options for your Instagram feed: neutral, warm, and cold. You can also choose a bright and vibrant palette or a pastel one. You don’t have to stick with your chosen color palette. Sometimes you can add photos that are not in the same color scheme as your theme.

16. Take Travel Photos with all your heart

There are many options when you travel. You can visit National Parks and see flower fields. Or, you could just go to the city during golden hour. Use unique landscapes or authentic architecture. Any photo that is interesting and memorable will be a good choice.

17. Take Underwater Pictures

You can dive with many modern phones, and most of them are water-resistant. You can also purchase a waterproof case that is made for phones. Shares of underwater scenes are very popular, especially when they feature colorful corals and fishes as well as turtles and other sea creatures.

18. Accept Bad Weather

Even in bad weather, photographers know how to capture Instagram photos. You can also do it without too much effort. You can capture raindrops and other elements outside your window, such as leaves, cityscapes, or a cup with coffee in the background.

19. Puddles after the rain?

You can capture beautiful reflections in the streets when it rains. Try capturing children running through the puddles in symmetrical compositions. Depending on the environment, you can be quite creative.

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About the Author: Brandon Ward