Finding The Best Gaming Keyboards And Joysticks

What exactly is a gaming keyboard? More importantly, several high-quality modern gaming keyboards boast compact, ergonomic design factors that provide all the function-rich programmable keys that you require for maximum ease and comfort during gameplay. Additionally, they offer unbeatable comfort and functionality to ensure an all-around competitive edge in your favorite online games. But how do you find the best one? And what are the things that you should look out for in a gaming keyboard?

The three most important features to look out for when shopping for your best one handed gaming keyboard are high-end programming keys, multi-hotkeys, and smooth, rapid-fire gaming wheels. In other words, the keypad should be able to offer comprehensive programming options for all your games at once; multi-hotkeys for quicker action in several different keys; and smooth, rapid-fire gaming wheels for lightning-fast action in multiple game genres. In essence, a multi-functional gaming keyboard allows you to configure different functions in different key bindings through its different keys. It should allow you to quickly access the functions in case you need them.

Ergonomic keypad – The second most important feature to look out for when shopping for your best gaming keypads is the design of the keys themselves. For example, it should have a fully-programmable key-switch function that allows you to set individual keys to different functions like space, alt, or Esc. Furthermore, an ergonomic design that enables you to fully adjust the keys’ height is also recommended. The reason behind this is that many individuals, especially those who spend a lot of time typing on their keyboards, prefer to use the keys located in the center of the desk and work with a moderate distance between their hands. A gaming keypad with full height adjustment is recommended to avoid fatigue from using the keyboard.

Low-cost – Lastly, you must get your hands on gaming keypads that are affordable and cost-effective. Some keypad manufacturers charge an arm and a leg for their products but are either too cheap to be considered reliable or produce cheaply made keypads. Keep in mind that a good gaming keyboard is worth its money because it can offer you professional-grade performance without breaking your budget. If you want to get a very affordable price, it is advisable to shop online.

On-board memory – Finally, ensure that you buy a high-performance keypad that comes with onboard memory. This will increase your playing time and extend your gaming lifespan. Many top-quality units come with two gigabytes of onboard memory for up to sixty hours of playtime on a single battery charge. A two-gigabyte on-board memory keypad allows you to optimize on-screen action for longer gaming sessions. An advanced keypad often comes with two gigabytes of memory for increased performance.

Programmable keys – With the advent of more complicated gaming keys and complex gaming protocols, you must purchase a keypad with at least one hundred and twenty-five programmable keys. The advantage of having one hundred and twenty-five programmable keys is that you can set different profiles for each key to help you memorize different functions during gameplay. With one hundred and twenty-five keypads, you can configure keys to act as health pack, money bag, inventory, melee attack, and so on. You can change the function of each key by using one of the eighteen different profiles that the majority of keypads have.

Hand-held controllers – Today, there is another type of gaming peripheral that you might want to consider when purchasing your keypad. Many companies are creating handheld gamepads that are equipped with a joystick type of control. These handheld controllers are similar to those that are found in popular video game consoles, but they allow you to play on a flat surface which is much more comfortable than playing on a desktop keyboard or joystick.

Whether you decide to go with a standard mechanical gaming keypad or something slightly more advanced, you will find that a quality keypad can enhance your enjoyment of any type of computer game. Mechanical keypads are usually more expensive than other types, but the price difference is nothing compared to the enjoyment that you receive from programmable keys. Find a reputable manufacturer and make sure that you test out their product before buying it. Keyboards are an excellent investment, and you will appreciate the convenience of having a handy little programmable keypad at your disposal.

About the Author: Brandon Ward

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