If you’re a business owner, you might be considering whether or not employing a local security guard firm is a good idea. Civil unrest is on the rise, and employees and consumers alike are becoming more unpredictable as a result of COVID-19.

While cost is a consideration, and every security company has a budget to adhere to, the advantages of hiring local experienced security guards can easily outweigh the cost. Even a single security breach can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here are nine reasons why you should hire a local security guard firm, as well as how to select the best security team for your needs.

1. A reduction in workplace crime

Hiring a professional local security guard team safeguards your business by preventing vandalism, theft, and other hazards to your property and staff. Professional security firms, such as ours, can detect suspicious activity and take proper action before it becomes a major problem for your company. If you have security personnel on the premises, most would-be criminals will avoid your institution. This is especially true if the security agency is local and has a thorough understanding of the local business landscape.

Employing security guards in a retail outlet, for example, can drastically lower stealing rates. Having security personnel on hand can deter criminals from targeting your business if you sell or produce expensive or high-end things.

2. Better employee behavior

Security guards can be quite useful in enforcing workplace rules and regulations. They can act as a disciplinary authority, ensuring that your workforce adheres to the regulations set forth by your firm. Workplace misconduct, whether perpetrated by visitors or employees, can result in unnecessary costs and, in certain situations, jeopardize your company’s reputation.

A qualified security guard can detect and manage wrongdoing in many circumstances. This could happen even before the client or employee becomes abusive. Having a local security officer on the premises also helps to diffuse some forms of conflicts between members of the local community because they are familiar with the culture.

3. Controlling Crowds

If your place of business attracts a large audience, security guards can help you manage the crowd and prevent problems like mob fights, crowd crushing, disruptive behavior, or rioting. If you hold a Black Friday sale every Thanksgiving, for example, hiring a team of security officers for the day can dissuade and mitigate any crowd difficulties.

They could be able to direct customers as to where to queue, how far apart to stand, or how to keep a crowd at bay before a popular product launch. Guards can use crowd management measures to prevent injuries and deescalate a situation if a big group of people turns disorderly. A local enterprise will have a better notion of the expected crowd size and type, allowing your company to plan accordingly.

4. Surveillance of Your Property Has Been Increased

Security guards will also patrol the property, monitor security camera activities, let individuals in and out of the facility, operate a security gate, and respond to alarms. When they are already on your site, they can usually perform this very fast, saving you time. Some security teams use specialized monitoring and management software that offers real-time data on property activity, allowing them to respond quickly to threats or spot possible problems before they occur. Click here for more information about our security patrol services.

5. Increased Customer Service

Security guards are in charge of securing your workplace as well as delivering basic customer service. They can, for example, aid shoppers in finding specific items or sections in retail stores. Guards in different types of work places can assist people in finding their destinations and, if necessary, escort them there, even late at night or during off-hours.
They can also assist in answering basic questions regarding your company’s products or services, particularly if they have worked for you for a long time. While security guards cannot replace dedicated customer service professionals, especially in a retail environment, they can be cross-trained to direct client complaints to the appropriate department. Many of your clients will know the guards if you work with a local security guard firm, which will help to build trust between your target audience and your facility.

6. Safety During Workplace Unrest

The safety of your organization and its employees is critical during labor unrest, strikes, or protests. Not only would this type of disturbance limit your company’s production, but it might also endanger your employees’ lives and the integrity of your property in the worst-case situation. If protestors assemble outside your shop or a riot erupts nearby, the danger of injury to everyone involved increases dramatically. Many businesses have recently had their windows shattered with bricks and looted or vandalized just because they were in a given location; the businesses were not the target.

Employing experienced local security guards and stationing them in strategic spots across your organization can help prevent escalation during civil upheaval. Local guards who are familiar with the region can assist employees in securely getting to work past protests or picket lines, as well as ensuring that demonstrations held near your business stay peaceful. When security guards are stationed outside a business or at the doors, protestors or rioters are more likely to flee. If there is a crowd escalation, security personnel on the premises can respond promptly and ask for backup.

7. Brand Awareness

Increased brand exposure is an odd but effective approach for security guards to bring value to your organization. If a security guard, for example, wears a shirt with a corporate emblem or a company uniform, consumers will immediately associate their service with your brand. Customers will feel safer in your establishment, and branded security can help your company’s image and reputation.

8. Emergency Response in a Hurry

A security guard on your property can immediately respond to and control an emergency situation until the cops come. For example, if a fired employee becomes belligerent in your workplace, it may take 10-20 minutes or more for police officers to arrive and take control of the situation. The employee may have already caused severe harm at this stage.

Non-emergency security guard services are also provided by local security guard companies. If you need a new component installed, for example, a local company should be able to do so swiftly and without having to drive far.

9. A heightened sense of security

Employees and even consumers may be less likely to engage in disruptive conduct if a security personnel is present. If your business is in a remote location and you’re worried that first responders will take too long to arrive, hiring a security guard to protect your property is a fantastic option. A trained guard can usually keep the situation under control until the police come. Additionally, employing local security guards helps to improve the economy and create work possibilities for residents.